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Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM)

Women’s Telehealth provides Maternal Fetal Medicine expertise, diagnoses and treatment for high-risk pregnancies, for both the mother and the baby. A patient is referred to a Maternal Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist by her obstetrician if there is a potential problem during an initial ultrasound, or if the patient is at risk for pregnancy complications.

When the patient’s provider has a connection to Women’s Telehealth, we provide access to the MFM specialist via telemedicine without the patient having to incur extra travel time or expense. We will work in collaboration with the patient’s provider for diagnoses, consults, and treatment, as well as conduct remote grand rounds with the provider to ensure the best and safest treatment for the patient and the baby. Weekly patient monitoring can be conducted at the local provider’s office, and sometimes even at the patient’s home, all via telemedicine. Through telemedicine, chances of pre-term labor can be reduced with proper prenatal care and screenings to manage complications and avoid delivering early.

Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists are physicians who have been educated and trained to provide consultation or care for patients with complications of pregnancy. Women’s Telehealth provides board-certified maternal fetal medicine physicians who have received four years of postgraduate education and two to three years of specialty training after residency. Our MFM physicians can diagnose and treat any complications during pregnancy and will collaborate with your provider throughout your entire pregnancy. If there is a complication which requires hospitalization, we will easily arrange the transfer of care.

Having a high-risk pregnancy can be worrisome, but Women’s Telehealth is committed to providing the best care for you and your baby without the extra stress of getting to the right specialist. We can bring high-risk OB services closer to home via telemedicine, helping to deliver your most priceless gift – your baby.

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