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About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Women’s Telehealth is to bring scarce high risk maternal fetal medicine services to patients and referring obstetricians.

 Why We Started

Women’s Telehealth was formed by a group of board certified physicians and women in the health care industry that had worked together for years, become adept at using healthcare technology, and had ties to the rural Georgia obstetrical community. They noticed that some patients in rural areas had to travel hours to receive the proper care or were transferred to a specialized facility, costing them significant expense and inconvenience.

Women’s Telehealth recognized that they could provide direct access to these specialties via telemedicine, saving patients time, effort, and money. Telemedicine has revolutionized the industry, and is changing how patients receive healthcare and how physicians provide services, with many advancements along the way.

The Breakthroughs

  • Demand for consumer convenience has greatly increased
  • Rapid technology advancements and lower implementation costs
  • The requirements for set-up have significantly decreased
  • The Affordable Care Act is driving expense control for healthcare
  • Telemedicine reimbursement changes have resulted in most health insurance companies paying for telemedicine
  • New, favorable legislation, growing from an initial 8 states to over 36 states now implementing legislation for telemedicine