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Eager to Share My Passions – Telehealth, Entrepreneurship, Leadership

Call me a healthcare adventurer! I’m always pursuing my vision to help others! Above all, my goal is to lead industry change with the tools available in modern healthcare.

I welcome your invitation to serve as a guest speaker or advisor! It would be an honor to share some of the varied expertise I’ve gained through seasoned experience. See bio for details.
~Tanya Mack, President

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Information Asymmetry vs. Parity

Renowned author Daniel Pink was a featured keynote speaker this week at the Women President’s Organization’s Annual Meeting in Charlotte, and Women’s Telehealth was there as he shook up the audience.

His main message was the far-reaching effects of information access available to almost anyone, anywhere, instantaneously. This playing field is leveled as we move through the world enrolling and influencing others around us. Information asymmetry is shifting to information parity.

To adjust to this shift, Dan suggested three strategies to consider- his version of the ABC’s:

Attunement: To get alignment, we must be more disciplined to understand another’s point of view.

Buoyancy: We must cultivate our ability to overcome “an ocean of rejection” and remain afloat in tough times.

Clarity: Expertise is now obsolete since we can choose to education ourselves for free online for almost anything. We have so much data at our fingertips, but now the need is the ability to sift through it and “problem find” and shift from accessing information to curating it.

As this shift rolls on, it will change our relationships, our work patterns, our productivity, our environments and our daily tools. Whether we like it or not, Dan tells us 41% of our day AT LEAST is spent influencing or persuading in some way.

Time to make some adjustments?

~Tanya Mack, President

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Top Docs Radio Show with CareSource

Beginning, July 1st, CareSource, an Ohio based Care Management Organization (CMO) will expand into the Georgia market and begin serving a portion of Georgia’s 1 million Medicaid consumers and become the state’s 4th CMO. They will share an over $4B agreement over the next 6 years with GA’s other CMO providers.

They are unique already as they are the only GA CMO that is non-profit, their top leader is a woman and they are poised to bring some innovative
programs to the Georgia market. Listen in as Women’s Telehealth speaks to top Caresource leaders and hears about their plans: http://topdocs.businessradiox.com/shows/caresource

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Women’s Telehealth Helping to Reduce Infant Mortality

Bradley George, NPR recently featured a story addressing the infant mortality health crises in the African-American south. Women’s Telehealth and their Centering Pregnancy partner, the Georgia Department of Community Health in Dougherty County. Dougherty County is a typical southern county in which about 40% of the residents are African American. Of Georgia’s 159 counties, it ranks 115th in health outcomes and has an infant mortality rate of 10.8/1000 live births- almost twice the national average. Centering Pregnancy is a way to deliver group prenatal care and adding high risk maternal fetal medicine services via telehealth, through Women’s Telehealth, has enabled this group of patients to greatly reduce their preterm birth outcomes.

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Women’s Telehealth Lends Expertise to Industry Panel on Radio Show

On March 18, 2015, Dr. Anne Patterson of Women’s Telehealth participated in a panel discussion in Atlanta at the BusinessRadioX studio to discuss the current state of telemedicine and future trends that are beginning to be relevant now. Women’s Telehealth is a high risk OB telemedicine service provider licensed in 7 southeast states. She was joined by Matt Jansen, currently with Ironbow, who handles the backend technology and connectivity for telemedicine. Dr. Tolliver Smith, of Telehealth Solutions also joined the conversation. Telehealth Solutions is working to extend telemedicine solutions directly into primary care provider offices. Hear what the panel had to say about telemedicine by clicking learn more.

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ATA 2012 – San Jose, CA

National American Telemedicine Association Conference – Speakers: Dr. Anne Patterson and Leigh Ritorto, RDMS – Topics: (1) Dr. Patterson: Use of Telehealth in Maternal-Fetal Medicine; (2) Leigh Ritorto: Long Distance Learning via Telehealth in Ultrasound

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