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Top Docs Radio Show About Women’s Health

Check out this week’s Top Docs Radio Show about women’s health with Women’s Telehealth President, Tanya Mack, and Dr. Hugo Ribot of Cartersville OB-GYN. The show show focuses on three areas: Laparoscopic Surgery, Maternal Fetal Telemedicine in the OB office and Zika virus recommendations for pregnant women. Click here to listen: http://businessradiox.com/podcast/topdocs/minimally-invasive-gynecologic-surgery/

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Rural Medicine

Many states exhibit disparities in rural health vs. healthcare and Georgia is no exception. Georgia has 108/159 counties (68%) defined as “rural.” Most would agree that health should not be determined by one’s residence or zip code, yet many healthcare challenges are unique to rural settings such as: community infrastructure, poverty, education, and transportation.

On this Top Docs BusinessRadioX show, Tanya Mack of Women’s Telehealth and Chris Denson of Hometown Health discuss rural healthcare challenges.

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Women’s Telehealth Lends Expertise to Industry Panel on Radio Show

On March 18, 2015, Dr. Anne Patterson of Women’s Telehealth participated in a panel discussion in Atlanta at the BusinessRadioX studio to discuss the current state of telemedicine and future trends that are beginning to be relevant now. Women’s Telehealth is a high risk OB telemedicine service provider licensed in 7 southeast states. She was joined by Matt Jansen, currently with Ironbow, who handles the backend technology and connectivity for telemedicine. Dr. Tolliver Smith, of Telehealth Solutions also joined the conversation. Telehealth Solutions is working to extend telemedicine solutions directly into primary care provider offices. Hear what the panel had to say about telemedicine by clicking learn more.

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