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Getting Comfortable with Breastfeeding

This is National Breastfeeding Week in the U.S.! Women’s Telehealth encourages moms to breastfeed, whether you are a first time or experienced mom with a new baby. With that thought in mind, Women’s Telehealth has collected some “Top Tips” to get comfortable with breastfeeding.

Top Tips to Get Comfortable with Breastfeeding

  • The first feeding and “latch on” is important for colostrum’s nutrients to help with baby’s immunity.
  • Forget about trying to follow a feeding schedule! Feed your baby as they are hungry.
  • Initial breast milk “flow” is important in the first few weeks.  Feed and pump often.
  • Breastfeeding pillows can be your “breast friend” when finding the most comfortable position.
  • Create some comfortable breastfeeding spaces in your home and stock them with pillows, snacks, water, books and breastfeeding accessories, so you don’t have get up during a feeding.
  • Make a breastfeeding travel bag and keep it handy.
  • Be diligent and don’t give up. Breastfeeding may be difficult at first, as with any new skill set, but well worth the rewards for you and baby!

For more info on breastfeeding visit: http://peapodnutrition.org/

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