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Keeping Safe While Pregnant

The U.S. celebrates National Safety Month in June! Since Women’s Telehealth focuses on high risk pregnancy, we are motivated to pass along some tips to keep moms safe while pregnant from day one through delivery!

Injury is the leading cause of death in the US between the ages of 1 and 44, which includes those childbearing years. Research shows that most injuries are preventable and over half of falls occur in the home.

Pregnant women are bombarded with all kinds of do’s and don’ts during their pregnancy. Now that summer is here, there are some extra precautions for pregnant women during this season.

Here are our “Top 10 Tips” for Keeping Safe While Pregnant:

  1. Wear a seat belt (We are frequently sent pregnant women who have been in motor accidents.)
  2. Don’t text and drive (In some states, it’s the law!)
  3. Avoid falls, trips and slips (The body’s center of gravity changes during the 2nd and 3rd trimester.)
  4. Mind your food safety (Learn about diet during pregnancy. Steer clear of mercury-laden fish.)
  5. Learn first aid and CPR (You can save another or help them save you!)
  6. Avoid overheating in the summer (Drink fluids and avoid dehydration.)
  7. Skip the amusement park rides that jolt suddenly and have high impact (can tear the placenta).
  8. Add the Poison Control number to your phone for an emergency: 1-800-222-1222
  9. Wear sunblock
  10. Most importantly – KEEP all your prenatal care appointments!  That’s the best prevention! Follow doctor’s guidelines on no smoking, drugs, alcohol, CBD use and caffeine during pregnancy.

To help us raise awareness for Pregnant Women and Family Safety, check your local neighborhood resources for local events on Family Safety Day, June 8th. Visit your local parks, get out and take a safe walk! Keep your safety awareness keen and teach your family to do the same!

~ Tanya Mack, President