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Information Asymmetry vs. Parity

Renowned author Daniel Pink was a featured keynote speaker this week at the Women President’s Organization’s Annual Meeting in Charlotte, and Women’s Telehealth was there as he shook up the audience.

His main message was the far-reaching effects of information access available to almost anyone, anywhere, instantaneously. This playing field is leveled as we move through the world enrolling and influencing others around us. Information asymmetry is shifting to information parity.

To adjust to this shift, Dan suggested three strategies to consider- his version of the ABC’s:

Attunement: To get alignment, we must be more disciplined to understand another’s point of view.

Buoyancy: We must cultivate our ability to overcome “an ocean of rejection” and remain afloat in tough times.

Clarity: Expertise is now obsolete since we can choose to education ourselves for free online for almost anything. We have so much data at our fingertips, but now the need is the ability to sift through it and “problem find” and shift from accessing information to curating it.

As this shift rolls on, it will change our relationships, our work patterns, our productivity, our environments and our daily tools. Whether we like it or not, Dan tells us 41% of our day AT LEAST is spent influencing or persuading in some way.

Time to make some adjustments?

~Tanya Mack, President

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