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National Prematurity Awareness Month

On the Top Docs BusinessRadioX show, Women’s Telehealth’s Tanya Mack sat down with March of Dimes’ State Program Manager, Danielle Brown. Brown explained the extent of occurrence of premature births among Georgia women and how it ranks nationally on the low end of the scale. We explored some of the reasons behind these troubling numbers, research underway to address it, and strategies being employed around the state to bring needed screening and pre-natal care to expectant mothers.

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Women’s Telehealth Helping to Reduce Infant Mortality

Bradley George, NPR recently featured a story addressing the infant mortality health crises in the African-American south. Women’s Telehealth and their Centering Pregnancy partner, the Georgia Department of Community Health in Dougherty County. Dougherty County is a typical southern county in which about 40% of the residents are African American. Of Georgia’s 159 counties, it ranks 115th in health outcomes and has an infant mortality rate of 10.8/1000 live births- almost twice the national average. Centering Pregnancy is a way to deliver group prenatal care and adding high risk maternal fetal medicine services via telehealth, through Women’s Telehealth, has enabled this group of patients to greatly reduce their preterm birth outcomes.

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